Factors To Consider When Choosing An Air Conditioning System In Greensboro

Selecting an air conditioning Greensboro system for your home can be quite a task since there are so many options to choose from. If you’ve decided on AC Repair Company in Greensboro then they can do the installation. You need to research on air conditioning systems and look for one that suits all your needs. If you have a contractor that you trust then they can help select an air conditioning system that will best suit your requirements. Here are factors to consider when selecting the best air conditioning system.


Select high efficiency

When it comes to air conditioning greensboro systems efficiency is very crucial. The higher the efficiency levels the higher the cost of the system. The cost is high only at the beginning since if a system is ranked to have high efficiency levels then the lower the cost of the electricity it will need to run. The lower the efficiency levels then the higher the cost of the electricity it will need to run.


Noise level

You really need to consider the noise level of a system before you buy it. A system with a low noise level is the best since you do not have to hear it operating. While on the other hand a system with high noise level will only cause you sleepless nights and really annoy your neighbors.



Considering that there are so many brands to choose from you need to know what to look for to ensure that the brand you choose is the best for you. You need to consider the kind of warranty they offer, ensure that the minimum warranty offered is five years or more. The best brand is the one that gives a warranty of ten years.



Price varies among brands. Some brands offer different models and different models also go for different prices. The best air conditioning system is expensive but you are assured of the best service since these systems have high efficiency levels and have less noise level. The systems that have low efficiency levels and high noise levels cost lower and consume more electricity.


Energy usage

You need to consider the amount of energy the system you want to buy uses. This will help you avoid buying a system that will cost you more than you anticipated. Knowing the amount of energy a system uses helps in selecting a system that fits in your budget.


Ease of installation

You need to consider a system that will be easy to install. If you are replacing an old air conditioning system then you need to consider a system that will fit in exactly where the old one was without having to add the expenses of adjusting anything. If you are installing a new system you need to go for a system that will fit best with the already existing duct work.


Size and capacity

When looking for an air conditioning Greensboro system then you need a system that will serve the entire household. You need to ensure that you know the square footage of your home, your climate and the construction of your home. This will help you go for the right system that will be enough for your home. You do not need a system that is too big for your home or too small either.

Air Conditioning Companies In Greensboro

Do you need to have your air conditioner fixed? If you are located in Greensboro, N.C you have a few companies in the immediate area that you can choose from.

1. Laxton Enterprises

is qualified to deliver good service to both residential and commercial customers. Get your heaters, electrical and air conditioning systems repaired or installed at great prices. They provide free estimates as well. They can be reached at (336) 346-8308 at Greensboro, N.C 27401. Their website is www.laxtonenterprisesincnc.com.


2. Triad Sheet Metal & Mechanical Inc.

is another impressive client. This firm in AC Repair Greensboro has been in existence since 1990.This company prides itself on providing comfort and timely service. Their technicians are adequately trained. Their service technicians never leave a job site untidy or dirty. This company is one of the top HVAC companies in the Greensboro district. Give them a call at (336) 346-8277. Their exact location is 300 Lowdermil St. Greensboro, N.C 27401. They can be accessed online at www.triadsheetmetalinc.com.


3. Affordable Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc.

Is another firm that goes the extra mile to please its customers. It is a family owned business that offers flat rate pricing. As the name suggests, they offer plumbing, heating and air conditioning services to the wider Greensboro area. They promise to provide excellent service at the lowest possible price. This company is endorsed by Angie’s List as a reputable firm. Give them a call at (336) 299-9700. Their address is 3704 Madison Avenue, Greensboro, N.C 27403. Their website is www.affordableplumbingonline.com.


4. Berico Heating & Air Conditioning

Currently has a special on where you can get $100.00 off on every $1000.00 spent on a new heating or air conditioning system! Since 1924, this firm has been providing HVAC repair services, propane gas, kerosene, motor oil and so much more. They provide brand name air-conditioning units by Lennox, York, Thermopride and others. They are located at 2200 East Bessemer Avenue, Greensboro, N.C 27403. Their telephone number is (336) 496-1083. They are also endorsed by Angie’s List as a reputable company. Their website is www.berico.com.


5. Triple A Heating & Cooling Inc.

specializes in repairing air condition units. They also provide refrigerant, installation of thermostats, etc. They have finance plans available for customers who do not have all the cash on hand. They are the Temperature Experts! They also check and clean your drainage areas and give adequate job estimates. You can also acquire home heating systems for the wintery months ahead. They serve the areas of Highpoint, Oak Ridge and other areas in Greensboro. Their address is Greensboro, N.C, 27410. They can be reached at (336) 215-1316. Find them online at www.tripleahvac.com.


These are just a few of the small enterprises in the Greensboro are that customers can patronize so that they can have their air conditioning units fully serviced and installed at excellent prices. Don’t hesitate to give either one of these affordable and reputable companies a call. Keep buying local and investing in the small companies in your friendly neighborhood of Greensboro, N.C. You will be helping to keep your neighbours and friends gainfully employed when you give your business to these businesses.


You might feel after purchasing and having installed a new air conditioning system that being hot and sticky is a thing of the past. But as with anything, especially electrical or mechanical, that is not the end of your responsibility. To keep remaining cool and fresh then the equipment needs regular maintenance.

There are four main components to an air conditioning system; An Evaporator – Which receives liquid coolant, A Condenser – Helps heat transfer, An Expansion Valve – Regulates coolant flow and finally a Compressor – The large unit normally hanging on the outside wall, it’s job is to act as a pump that pressurizes the coolant in the system.

As everybody knows air conditioning systems have to be fitted by an expert, a professional technician who is qualified and has a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) diploma or certificate, in some States this is compulsory. Such companies or individuals should offer a maintenance package together with installation and will make your life a lot easier not to mention cooler.

To maintain the system there are key components that need attention regularly especially if the aircon is in constant use. These are housed in the unit inside your building; The Filter – Filters regularly fur or clog up with dust and dirt, this blocks the air flow and the efficiency of the unit’s performance. The Coil – This is designed to absorb heat, if the filter is not working properly then dirt can get into the coil which reduces the ability of the coil to function. Thirdly the Fins – The fins are fairly delicate and can be bent or get out of shape quite easily, this again will reduce air flow which will not allow the coil to perform correctly.

The air conditioning technician as part of the service will also look for leaks, coolant levels, measure air flow and check the thermostat. Obviously specific instrumentation is needed for these technical checks and it is something that cannot be done at home by waving your hand in front of the unit and gauging if it is working or not.

Most problems arise in air conditioning systems because of bad or faulty installation and lack of good and proper servicing. This will bring deficient operation and more cost to run as fan speeds and temperature gauges are adjusted to gain cooler air. It will cost a lot more money to continue operating a faulty system than to have it regularly maintained.

Finally you can help yourself, if the aircon is in operation then close all windows and any outside doors. If you are sitting just in one room then isolate that room as much as you can from the rest of the home. This will bring a far more controlled environment for the aircon to work under and it will perform efficiently as it was designed to do.

Energy saving is not just an environmental term it also will save you money and let the equipment do the job as the manufacturers built it to do.