You might feel after purchasing and having installed a new air conditioning system that being hot and sticky is a thing of the past. But as with anything, especially electrical or mechanical, that is not the end of your responsibility. To keep remaining cool and fresh then the equipment needs regular maintenance.

There are four main components to an air conditioning system; An Evaporator – Which receives liquid coolant, A Condenser – Helps heat transfer, An Expansion Valve – Regulates coolant flow and finally a Compressor – The large unit normally hanging on the outside wall, it’s job is to act as a pump that pressurizes the coolant in the system.

As everybody knows air conditioning systems have to be fitted by an expert, a professional technician who is qualified and has a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) diploma or certificate, in some States this is compulsory. Such companies or individuals should offer a maintenance package together with installation and will make your life a lot easier not to mention cooler.

To maintain the system there are key components that need attention regularly especially if the aircon is in constant use. These are housed in the unit inside your building; The Filter – Filters regularly fur or clog up with dust and dirt, this blocks the air flow and the efficiency of the unit’s performance. The Coil – This is designed to absorb heat, if the filter is not working properly then dirt can get into the coil which reduces the ability of the coil to function. Thirdly the Fins – The fins are fairly delicate and can be bent or get out of shape quite easily, this again will reduce air flow which will not allow the coil to perform correctly.

The air conditioning technician as part of the service will also look for leaks, coolant levels, measure air flow and check the thermostat. Obviously specific instrumentation is needed for these technical checks and it is something that cannot be done at home by waving your hand in front of the unit and gauging if it is working or not.

Most problems arise in air conditioning systems because of bad or faulty installation and lack of good and proper servicing. This will bring deficient operation and more cost to run as fan speeds and temperature gauges are adjusted to gain cooler air. It will cost a lot more money to continue operating a faulty system than to have it regularly maintained.

Finally you can help yourself, if the aircon is in operation then close all windows and any outside doors. If you are sitting just in one room then isolate that room as much as you can from the rest of the home. This will bring a far more controlled environment for the aircon to work under and it will perform efficiently as it was designed to do.

Energy saving is not just an environmental term it also will save you money and let the equipment do the job as the manufacturers built it to do.

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